5-star Fridays: A series of small celebrations and positive reinforcements.

15 . 09 . 2017

Closing in my second last week of summer holidays, all I wanted to do was to cram all the work I’ve been working on and to work on more before school starts.

I went home feeling more than okay on Tuesday night; Wednesday morning was an entirely different story. It was as if I was pushed blindfolded into a world of nothingness.

My Internet was down, I did not feel like working, did not feel like watching GoT, didn’t know what to read, didn’t know what to eat… I didn’t want to lay down either.

I’ve meditated twice. Nothing worked.

I’ve almost wanted to cancel my skype sesh with my bestie, Jing, because I didn’t want to channel my negativity to her.

What happened next was not what I imagined.

Jing helped me break down why I might have felt this way and gave me insightful, actionable pieces of advice on how I should approach my situation. And then recommended me to watch Black Mirror: Nosedive.

Like all Black Mirror shows, this is equally as weird, thought-provoking, and made me feel uneasy afterward. But it’s all good! I felt like I could do so much more now at 12.05am.

On to the small celebrations this week, I am now:

1. 80% done with Simon Sinek‘s book: Start with Why. If you didn’t think much of Steve Jobs and Richard Branson, Simon will convince you otherwise.

2. Constructed a timetable on Google Spreadsheet with my friend, Ian, which has helped me keep myself accountable for 2 weeks. 

3. After an extended music drought, Alina Baraz became my new fav artist on Spotify. (I know I’m late!)

4. Somehow started filming my first spontaneous “vlog” yesterday.  It’s still weird, but I wanna practice more now!

5. Had the shittiest Wednesday in my entire 20+ years of living. Took a day off of social media, reconnected with the right people, and jump-started the rest of my weekdays clean and polished 

What’s the one thing you were happy you did this week?  Drop it in the comments below!



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