#9mcm @ APS Lifestyle Gallery

29 . 06 . 2014

As most of you Singaporean foodies would know, 9mcm was held on last Saturday (21st June 2014) @ APS Lifestyle Gallery. Crazy would be THE word to describe the crowd there. 
Brace yourselves, this is gonna be a picture (and drool) heavy post!
Welcome to 9mcm.
Participating merchants were:
+ Gattopardo 
+ East 8 
+ Rokeby Bistro
+ Sushi Burrito 
+ Kerbside Gourmet
+ Tart Blanc 
+ Habitat Coffee
+ Pat & Stick’s
+ Hic Juice
+ GSH Conserves
+ The Edible Co.
+ A.muse Projects
+ Hunters’ Kitchenette
+ KOT Selections
+ MOFO Chili
+ Dottinghill
+ The General Company
+ Elle & Becks
+ Four & Twenty
+ Sifr
+ Soeurs.co
+ Whole 9 Yards
+ MandyT Skincare
+ Twelve x Little People
+ Magimix
+ Cristel

 Kerbside Gourmet. Eat and travel in style- literally. They move from places to places over time so do check out their Facebook Page here for their next location! 🙂

Tumblr-like temporary tattoos by Dottinghill. Their tattoo prices range from $6-8 depending on sizes. 
Next stop, Sushi Burrito!
Apologies for this over-exposed picture, but this is the only one I had which showcased all the flavours available in the pop-up. They have different proteins in every roll; salmon, unagi, prawn, chicken, beef.. you name it, they have it. Not a fan of rice? They have a skinny option too which is packed with fresh sprouts instead of rice! 🙂

I love their bright and cheerful presentation- practically screams Japanese and kawaii.

They offer a variety of juices and smoothie to quench your thirst and replenish your nutrients. Talk about drinking rainbows!
GSH Conserves, one of my favourite.
Their jams are all handmade from popular local fruits! You can use it in different ways which are shown below:
Tea time, savoury or as breakfast spreads.
The Huntersbe hunting for good ol’ nut butters. Impressive variety, from pistachio to hazelnut spreads. Didn’t manage to sample due to the massive crowd swarming their way to…

“I’m sorry, all other flavours are sold out. Would you like to try Cucumber and Lemongrass instead?”
For those who aren’t fans of juicing, you gotta try this. Flavoured tastefully with a lil’ pop of gas, you wouldn’t even realise you’re sipping on something healthy!
And for those who are indecisive over tea or wine, A.muse Tea is most probably the one for you.

Infused with wine, these flavoured teas have distinctive flavours from the conventional teas you get out there.

My first time trying gula melaka and coconut based granola and I’m already in love! Sweet but not overpowering, I could take this all morning with a cup of cold almond milk drizzled with honey. Mmm. 
Order here @ TheEdibleCo
First round of treats: 
Scone set with Passionfruit Jam – GSH Conserves 
Rising Sun and Signature Backfried Roll – Sushi Burrito
Lemongrass and Cucumber pop – Citizen Pop
Mu kie (Chocolate Chip Muffin) and Tea – A.muse Tea

Sushi Burrito’s Signature Backfried Roll. My fav at only $6.90 for half a roll! The price is good considering that you’d only get 4 pieces of maki (for almost the same price) in regular japanese cafes/restaurants. 

Rising Sun – sashimi goodness in a roll. 

The benches are lovely I almost brought one home. Also they have a mini DJ deck at the end of the table.
Round 2 awaits :B

Hot Dog Bun with a side of Nacho Cheeeeeese.

Pea puree with an egg cooked at 62 degree celcius. This was absolutely delicious despite the peculiar recipe. Definitely something new (to me!) and worth trying. Both from Kerbside Gourmet.

Lavender Blueberry Tart from Tart Blanc. Absolutely divine.
This is what I hope heaven will look (and taste) like. They made my taste buds so happy. Sweetness of blueberries seeping into the chocolate crust and… the lavender cream…. Aaaah. I can’t put my fingers on it. Try it for yourselves! 🙂

Lemon Tart from Tart Blanc. One of the most refreshing desserts I’ve ever had! And this is probably the only lemon dessert I’ll have for the rest of my life. If you’re a huge fan of lemon flavoured desserts but don’t want them too sour, you gotta add this to your must-try list. 

On to the second floor, they have clothes there too. Featuring Whole9Yards.

Sisters and Bro-in-law ordered Spaghetti ‘Mancini’ from Gattopardo. Heard the spaghetti was cooked al dante, and the sides were palatable too. Looking forward to try them all next time!
By the time we went to Mofo Chili, the Shepherd’s Pie were all sold out! They were specially made for guests to taste their fragrant chili with. They had 2 “levels” of hotness:
Level 5- Dodge the Bullet
Level 10 – Final Destination 

The names were appropriate and somehow cute in my opinion. Haha. I tried both and they were delicious!

East 8, what a shame I didn’t get to try. Will visit their cafe soon when I have the chance to! 🙂

The General Company. Spot before and after.

Managed to sneak into the heavy crowd at Habitat Coffee for a picture or two of.. cakes. Hehe. The owner was really nice and thanked me for the pictures. 

Pat and Stick’s Homemade Ice Cream which I believe is served in The Providore at Mandarin Gallery. No pictures of ice cream because the crowd was blocking D:
All in all, a great day with huge discoveries! Looking forward to the next pop-up market soon!
Thank you for reading and don’t forget to treat yourselves!
Keep drooling,



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