A day in Raffles- Health Eating Survey

20 . 09 . 2013

It’s not the destination, it’s the journey that counts.

I’ve recently did a survey targeting on working people around Raffles area. If you happened to pass by Raffles at some point this week and see this girl hopping around asking questions (that hopefully you did not mistake her as just another working office lady), that could be me! 😀
Anyways, the place was packed with many people aged 20 years old and above. However, for this survey, I only targeted workers ranging from age 20-40. I’m not sure about their salary, but from their choices of food, perspective on healthy eating and organic produces, I categorized them into 2 groups.
When surveyed “How often do you eat healthy“, many was confused and asked, “What do you mean by eating healthy?”
This was when I realized, there are many individuals out there who are still clueless about how to eat healthy, and the proper ways to achieve them.

Some may think, eating healthy means:

Eating an apple a day.

Desserts are only for the weekends.

No ice cream or cakes or pastries on a daily basis.

Boring salad all week long.

Weird combinations of smoothie and juices.

VEGETABLE. (I swear, many males moaned in dismay)

Less fried foods.

In my humble opinion, eating healthy is to mainly:

Avoid fried foods
Crazily battered, high in saturated fat, trans fat, reused cooking oil.

Eliminate: Fish and Chips, fried chicken, deep fried seafood, fried finger foods…

Prevent from: Spiked blood sugar, acne formation, sore throat, poor digestive system.

Battered Dory Burger.

Cut down sugar
Especially refined white sugar, cane sugar.

Eliminate: Store bought juices, ice cream shakes, bread puddings, syrups, cupcakes…

Prevent from: Pre-mature aging, early formation of wrinkles, excessive sebum production, dull complexion.

Waffles with ice cream and chocolate syrup. Triple kill.

Using the right oil
Switch to olive oil or coconut oil which all contain high level of mono and polyunsaturated fat for cooking.

Eliminate: Butter, margarine.

Prevent from: Storage of saturated fat in the body.

Snack smart
Instead of popping Smarties or M&Ms or skittles in your mouth the next time you feel hungry, try a healthier alternative of nuts (be it raw or roasted, but definitely NOT salted, heavily spiced or honey coated) or trail mix.

Eliminate: Candies, poptarts, gummy bears, milk chocolates, cereal flakes…

Prevent from: Bloated stomach, spiked blood sugar, excessive sugar intake.

Coloured sugar gems.
So they were 2 categories:

Category 1 – They have the desire to eat healthy, but are consistently lured to the ‘dirty eating’ bandwagon by their colleagues, surrounding environment and limited choices of healthy food chains.

Category 2 – They don’t have the desire to eat healthy AT ALL, and doesn’t view it as a necessity to fork out their money just to eat healthy.

For the first category, most of them work from 9am – 6pm everyday and barely have any time to prep their meals or even THINK about what healthier alternatives they could have during their working hours- leading them to making poor food choices. Some told me “I know it’s unhealthy, but I’ve got no choice.” Some said “We’re just working people, you know. We live on tight budget and salad stops around are overpriced.” Moreover, the idea of having salad wasn’t filling to them. When asked on the question “If you could afford it, would you choose an unhealthy meal in McDs or say, a nice bowl of quinoa salad?” Their answers stunned me. “McDs, I think. They’re cheaper and tend to be more filling than salads.”
For the second category, it was surprising as 80% of working males were placed here. However, when asked if they would go organic for their health, their replies are almost identical. Most of them think that “Organic is merely a label. It’s a hoax used to earn more money and it doesn’t affect your health that much. 3.50$ for a cup of juice? I could use that amount to buy 2 cans of grape sodas!”
We live to eat, and eat to live. Of course it doesn’t sound rational to some/most of you to cut your favourite cake completely out of your life. We need to indulge once in a while, drown ourselves in chocolate fondues and savour each and every single drop of molten lava. The key here is to find a healthier alternative, and put in effort to find them. Adjust according to your needs. Eating clean is not JUST about the weight loss journey. It’s not just meant for losing weight or gaining muscles. It’s more about practicing positive habits, balance, living a healthy life and feeling good about yourself. 

Grand Hyatt 38 Signature Cake.
Everything in moderation.



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