hi, i’m Calista.

I lost my breath once.

Lost 6 days of my life, started breathing again. Now, I document what worked for me in recovering from my traumatic accident, fostering a growth mindset, and exploring boundless creativity. I believe social media is more than a platform for self-aggrandizing, bashful comments, and cat videos (though if you can’t resist, here’s Biki & Bean for you). I wish no more than to share thoughtful beauty and lifestyle content with you—so you can learn from my mistakes and live your best lives even faster than I did.

Cheers to living intentionally!


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my journey to healing

“In the depths of winter,
I finally learned that
within me there lay an
invincible summer.”

—Albert Camus

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Small Moments

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Current reads with a warm cup of
earl grey tea.

12 Rules for Life / Jordan B. Peterson / Self-help

Girl Code / Cara Alwill Leyba / Women & Entrepreneurship  

Da Vinci Code / Dan Brown / Mystery Thriller