Hey you! As you can see, my entry title today is running on the generic side because.. I don’t know where to start! Should I talk about how I discovered the wonderful benefits of almond? Or how I got hooked on blending them into my smoothies? What about how almonds have helped me gone through my worst times?
“Why not… all?”

Matcha Almond Milk from The Mlk Co

For my beautiful readers who have been with me from the start, you may have noticed I only use nut milk (mostly almond) and coconut water as a base for my smoothie – and I have good enough reasons to use just that.

Q: Wait what, you don’t drink cow milk at all?!
Nope! To be honest, I’ve always been proud of myself to not have lactose intolerance at all, just because I could eat all the milk chocolates and drink all the chocolate milks I wanted. Then.. there was a turning point in my life. It’s been almost 2 years now, and I no longer think chocolate [cow] milk is a good idea. Dairy vs Non- Dairy here.
Q: Why did you switch to drinking almond milk?
2.5 years ago, I was a girl who will not go to sleep without her milk and honey fix every night. Also, I was the smart one who used Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) to cleanse her face in humid Malaysian weather. I’ll spare you my old rants – read My Acne Story to replay my tragedy.

Back to the main point, I started working out religiously and I knew the amount of saturated fat contained in cow milk weren’t of great help. When I was struck with a face full of acnes, I knew I had to switch to a more nutritious alternative. In my case, I was clearly lacking of Vitamin E, C and antioxidants to clear my skin. My house was fully stocked with raw almonds; it was the perfect opportunity then. 

Q: What benefits did you get?
Plenty, endless- if I may say so. My skin was receiving the nutrients it needed, the increase in fibre content has curbed my never ending cravings, it kept my mouth company during my toughest A-Levels days (great brain food! hehe). My advice? Ditch the chicken essence, grab a handful of almonds instead. Also, I used to have really frizzy hair due to the high-pony-tail rule back in high school. The amount of Vitamin E’s I’ve been getting definitely tamed my hair.

Q: How do you feel after?
If you hate bloat, we’re on the same boat. High in fibres, they increase your bowel movement and pass out toxins. Of course, drink plenty of water, because too much fibre and too little water causes constipation. Something I truly love about nuts: almonds, cashews, hazelnuts etc, they make you feel fuller while keeping your tummy flat!
Q: What about soy milk? It doesn’t contain dairy too!
You are absolutely right. However, there’s a catch. As a girl, it’s not always advisable to consume too much soy products from sources such as soy beans or tofu. I’ve always been told soy are on the “cooler” side, and enhances your likelihood of getting menstrual cramps. But of course you can enjoy! Keep it moderate, just like everything else. For girls, best not to take a week before and after your menstrual cycle, especially soy pudding and soy bean curd. I’m a sucker for them both! But if I can control, you can, too!

Q: My digestive system is really sensitive. Will I be allergic to almonds?
If you’re just starting out, I suggest you take smaller intakes (say, a handful) for a few days and see if your body reacts negatively to it. If almonds don’t work for you, try eating cashew, hazelnuts, macadamia or brazil nuts even. They’re best eaten raw or roasted. Everyone has a nutty side, you just gotta dig deeper 😉

Q: Aren’t almonds high in fat? 
This is one thing I hate to admit. Yes, they do. BUT, they are the good kind of fat! Instead of having a ridiculously high amount of saturated fat, almonds are actually packed with mono and polyunsaturated fat. Another reason why you should love them: they fuel your brain, pump up your workouts by a notch and the best of all – they don’t stay in your belly!

Q: Are there any other ways I can enjoy almonds, other than eating by itself or in milk form?
Most definitely! You could use crushed almonds/almond meal for so many things. Flourless chocolate cake, for instance. Ooh, what about Flourless Dairy-, Gluten-, Sugar- and Soy-free no-bake berry cheesecakeHomemade apple truffles? Or you could also organize a Sunday Almond Pancake Flippin’ competition with your loved ones!

Go nuts with me? 🙂



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