#SingleShadowSeries: As You Wave by Colourpop

9 . 06 . 2018

Summer’s officially here!

A few weeks ago, my man and I had the most wonderful trip to Maui for his birthday. Maui was a tropical dream, and to put the cherry on top, a perfect place to escape from the windy Bay Area.

Prior to our trip, Colourpop conveniently had a major birthday BOGO Super Shock Shadow sale going on. The timing couldn’t be more right. I’ve always wanted to experiment with their crazy (by crazy, I mean anything that doesn’t look like a chocolate-brown eyeshadow) eyeshadow shades and that specific email was my permission slip to do it.

I bought the shade As You Wave and it swatches so beautifully. It’s a combination of light red with an orange chrome shift to it. Think tropical sunsets. It is so beautiful and applies like butter. The name is so fitting too since we were surrounded by beaches all day!

… and it matches all my outfits and Plumeria!

I used it as a single shade and popped on a stacked set of Ardell Wispies. This was the only eye look I did for our 4D3N trip AND it cost me less than $10!

In addition to that, I have about 11 more Colourpop Super Shock Shadows to experiment with. Thinking of starting a #SingleShadowSeries for my single-shadow looks since I’m that lazy with applying eyeshadows.

What’s your favorite? Let me know in the comments! 🙂



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