This will be the first post to start off my coconut-based smoothie recipes. Basically blended 2 staple ingredients that I can never live without.
1 coconut
1 whole avocado 

Yields around 500ml.

Banana bread and avocado coconut smoothie for brekkie.

The amount of avocado used may vary due to different volume of coconut water yielded. If the coconut water is less than 300ml, half an avocado will do.

You can also blend them together with the flesh, half the flesh or without.
In here, I used only half the flesh for blending and added the other half into the smoothie after blending for that extra texture.
Bliss is waking up in the morning to the fragrance of banana and cinnamon circulating in your house and, a freshly blended smoothie to nourish and wake your senses.
Creamy in texture, sweet in nature in this heavenly mixture. No additional sweetener or thickener is required because this is so- You gotta taste it yourself.

Burst of blueberries in your mouth is pure bliss- especially in the morning.

Start your day right with a pop of colours.


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