Banana Mango Pancake

3 . 09 . 2013

The weather in Singapore these two days have been perfect for sleeping in. The cold, refreshing breeze that gently caress your face, subtle sounds of raindrops on your window sills and the warmth under the blanket. We are indeed very, very lucky.
But this can’t go on! Without a ray of sunshine and daily dose of Vitamin D, we tend to slack more and prefer to stay in our bed than our working table. Our productivity hence decreases, and we’ll feel sluggish from day to day.. So here, something to warm your tummy and wake your brain up!
Knock knock, who’s there?
Banana Mango Pancake!

You may notice how often I use banana and oats as my base for my pancakes. They’re the most basic ingredients yet so versatile that I’ve used them on most days to satisfy my growling tummy with their subtly sweet flavour and a texture so soft and tender.

For starters, here’s the base recipe that I’ve blogged about before!

No fancy ingredients added here other than a good large ripe mashed banana and a few tablespoon-ful of quick oats. This time, I added 1/4 teaspoon of vanilla essence just because I was craving for vanilla flavoured pancakes. 

Speaking about luck, I had one ripen mango at hand so I chopped chopped chopped them up and put it around my pancakes! 

I also added slices of bananas in between of my pancake stack to make it look higher. Hehe.

What’s a pancake stack without some drizzle? Here, I just added some plain old trusty Greek yogurt mixed with a teaspoon of honey to dress it up sweet in white.

And to top it off, added a burst of colour with dried cranberries! For more added texture, I chopped up some nuts (cashews here!) and sprinkled around.

Voila! Easy peasy lemon squeezy 🙂



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