Banana oatmeal pancakes

27 . 06 . 2013


I’m not sure whether my metabolism is getting a lil’ bit too high but I’m getting hungry constantly- almost every 1-2 hours or so that I’m running out of ingredients to cook in my pantry. Out of despair, I looked into the fruit bowl and saw the last straggling banana and decided on making pancakes with 2 other basic kitchen ingredients.

Banana oatmeal pancakes

1 egg
1 medium sized ripe mashed banana
2 tbs of oats

Makes 3 pancakes.

1. Mash the ripen banana with a fork, and add in 2 tbs of oats (I used quick oats) or more to get a thick gooey paste.
2. Crack an egg and mix well.
3. Heat up a pan with coconut oil and drop in 1/3 of full portion one at a time.
4. Cook for 2-3 mins and carefully run the spatula along the edges of the pancake and flip it carefully (they are quite fragile) to reveal a nice golden brown surface.
5. Serve and eat warm.

To add in more flavour, I mixed melted dark chocolate chunks and honey to form melted dark chocolate syrup and drizzled over my pancakes with a dash of cinnamon. The ripen banana brought such creaminess and subtle sweetness to the pancakes with thick chocolate syrup seeped into the layers of fluffy, beautifully golden brown pancakes without the need of baking powder. The gentle burst of flavour of cinnamon brought out the taste of chocolate syrup, accompanied by a side of sweet and tangy seedless grapes. Quick oats provided the pancakes a slightly firmer texture but it turned out to be so soft you wouldn’t notice the presence of oats while still getting the goodness of its fiber.

Drizzled in melted chocolate syrup, with a side of seedless grapes
Smooth, creamy and rich in flavour, nomnomz

Wanna make more pancakes? Just double (or triple!) up the ingredients used. 🙂




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