Benefits of Coconut Water

15 . 10 . 2013

In Malaysia, many delicacies such as curry chicken, cendol (shaved ice), kuih-muih, nasi lemak (omg) all contain an important ingredient from the coconut- coconut cream/milk.
No matter how tasty a dish gets, coconut milk and coconut cream are both high in calories because of their fat content, making our skin acne prone and our body to store extra fat. However, coconut water was deemed the ‘Miracle Water’ by many. Here are some wonderful facts:

1. Only 45-50 calories per cup.
2. More hydrating than plain water.
3. Virtually fat free, with as little as 0.5g per cup.
4. Contains high level of healthy omega fatty acids.
5. Natural substitute to sports drink after an intense workout.
6. Replenish lost electrolytes during a workout.
7. Loaded with potassium, more than a medium-sized banana.
8. Low glycemic index, doesn’t cause blood sugar to spike. 
9. Low sodium content, decreases tummy bloat.
10. Affordable

To sum it all up, coconut water is equally as effective at rehydrating after a workout or rough day and it is a GREAT & NATURAL alternative to otherwise sugar-loaded sports drinks, a study shown by International Society of Sports Nutrition in 2012. In just one serving of coconut water, it’s packed with vitamin C (10%), manganese (17%), magnesium (15%), potassium (17%) and electrolytes (important to carry nerve impulses to other cells) lost during an intense workout session. The best part? It’s available in almost everywhere and highly affordable(!!!)
NOTE: % showed are of recommended daily values.
Naturally sweet, cooling and refreshing, the properties above also make it useful for people who are trying to lose the excess weight. Coconut water is highly abundant with omega fatty acids (burns fat), boosts metabolism and keeps us feeling full for a longer time (hence curbing emotional cravings!) Sports nutrition aside, it will also boost immune system and make us less susceptible to common flu and cold, beat the heat and filtering the toxins in the kidney to prevent kidney stones. 
Consume it as soon as possible to prevent loss of nutrients!

For the next few posts, I will focus on Coconut Based Smoothies to show you a range of recipes that I came up with which you can try conveniently at home and reap the benefits yourself 🙂



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