I love sour plum, Kat Zai Shun Mui (local drink with sour plum, lime/ambra. yum!), assam laksa.. and more. However, when it comes to my smoothie, I love them on the sweeter side.

Normally when we think “Citrus”, apples, bananas, oranges or lemon pop into our minds. To keep it on a sweeter side, I decided to swap oranges with black seedless grapes! 🙂

The colour looks a bit like blended coke, no? :B


1 red apple
1 ripe banana
2 handfuls of black seedless grapes
handful of ice
2 cups of water (500ml)

Coconut chips are great to add crunch, texture and sweetness! 🙂

If you would prefer to use orange instead, go ahead! 🙂 However, keep in mind that your smoothie will curdle slightly overtime if you used a whole orange. If you don’t want it to curdle, you can squeeze some orange juice and blend afterwards! Reduce your plain water amount to a cup (250ml).



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