Content Strategy (Social Media)


To promote the 3rd PyBay Conference that was held on the 16th-19th of August, the team at PyBay decide to focus on our two main inbound channels:


Diversity and Inclusion drive 

Before: Averaged less than one tweet per day, generating a little less than 40k impressions two months prior to our conference.


Here’s what I changed:

  • Scheduled an average of six tweets per day
  • Addressed audiences’ problem with solutions and/or ticket links
  • Increased the use of relevant, high volume hashtags (#MachineLearning, #DataScience, #Python)
  • Tagged speakers and influencers strategically to increase our tweet exposure

After: 489% increase in impression rate, 126% increase in Twitter traffic, 1.7% engagement rate (before: 1.9%).

Additional results: 61% increase in PyBay ticket sales.


And the conference was awesome!