Email Campaigns


NouCuisine is a web platform with the goal to make plant-based eating more accessible.

Our goal:

  1. To enhance the belief that: Healthy + Hearty + Filling + Colorful + Flavorful = Plant-based food
  2. To help our content creators (chefs) feel empowered to be working together towards the same goal, whether it be reducing carbon footprint or to have a healthier heart.
  3. To help our users feel welcomed and realize the vast alternatives to meat in the market and to increase their confidence in making these yummy plant-based recipes themselves.

Here, I’ll illustrate my ideation process.

Step 1: Targeting our specific audience

Step 2: Crafting the specific user flow

I followed the MEGIC Rule I came up with:

M: Memorable. Remind users of a similar situation they may have experienced.

E: Emotion. Address a common feeling both sides may have experienced.

G: Goal. Reiterate of our common goals.

I: Idea. How can both the business and users work towards achieving that?

C: CTA. How to buttons, links, etc.

Step 3: Identifying the official logo color, best font pairings, CSS, tone, etc for cohesive branding. We opted for a casual, friendly conversational tone


Step 4: Drafting a series of onboarding emails with “MEGIC” in mind

Step 5: Fix tones and wordings that may defeat the idea of a welcoming community

Step 6: Ensure content, format, and languages are consistent throughout the series


Note: Actual email campaigns and open rate will be updated here as soon as we hit send on Mailchimp.

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