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18 . 02 . 2014

Now now, you’re not at the wrong blog. Noticed the new vintage floral theme? Hehe. I’m revamping my blog! Still in the process tho! You may find the width a bit off, and I couldn’t change my blog title font to the previous curvy looking one which saddens me ALOT. 
So now comes the question: Why did I change my blog?
I love blogging about health and clean eating. BUT, I also love indulging once in a while. For those who follow me on @calistatee and @ExquisiteGloss on Instagram may find my posts a bit contradicting because WHY AM I POSTING STEAMED BROCOLLI AND GREEN SMOOTHIES WHEN I’M EATING 38 SIGNATURE CAKE ON ANOTHER ACCOUNT?
Due to the sudden thoughts that swarmed my way in the past few months (hence the hiatus, I’m terribly sorry about it!), I’ve came to the decision to merge both my Instagram accounts together and transforming my former health blog to a little site where I can blog about anything under the sun. Yay nay? :B
Well, this will be my temporary header until I find a nice picture to upload! Many thanks to ShabbyBlogs for the beautiful background and helpful tutorials! 🙂
P/S: I have many queuing smoothie posts coming in so stay tuned!
Signing off,


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