Holographic Footprints

11 . 06 . 2014

Creepers: You either love it or you don’t. 
I never was in the right mind to convince myself to get a pair of creepers, despite the infinite hype from well-known fashion extraordinaires/stylists/bloggers. 
It wasn’t until almost 3 weeks ago I found out there were holographic ones somewhere out there.

Then I finally understood the hype. You get the height, and you get the comfortability. You get the best of both world. 

Before I send flying kisses away to you, I really want to thank my readers for your continuing support. On another note, I’ve been receiving some friends requests lately and I’m on constant contemplation whether to accept due to private reasons. I want to make friends with my readers, hence I’d love if you specified so I can accept your friend request 🙂
Thank you!



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