How often do you smile?

22 . 08 . 2013

Here’s a little story I wanna share with my readers 🙂
Good things begin with a positive mind.

It was a beautiful Monday. I didn’t have school, nor did I have work, so I had perfectly no reason to beat any so called ‘Monday Blues’. I got up early, traveled to the gym and had a good workout despite the insufficient space they provided there.
Famished after gym due to my extreme hiatus with my weights and machines, I could almost immediately feel the burn in my thigh after an intense leg session. I then went off to have a decent bowl of piping hot soup. Ah, the warmth made me feel like home again.
After lunch, I took a turn around the building, found a juice stall and treated myself with a cup of icy strawberry banana smoothie. Mmm.
It was quite well known to the people around here that Boat Quay near Fullerton has a very nice view of the riverside. With much hope, I happily walked around to look for directions. I was lost for a moment, when I saw this office lady, dressed in posh black, about to open the door of the taxi she was hopping into. In that split moment, I power walked towards her (yes, power walked, hehe) and said “Excuse me!” before she had a chance of getting in. 
Bewildered by my sudden appearance, her eyes shifted from my face, to the pink smoothie in my hand and back to my face. Maybe she was wondering if this teenage girl was gonna step into the taxi before she did. “May I know which is the direction to Fullerton river?” I asked. She looked relief (or so I thought :P) and pointed me the direction with a graceful smile. I said thanks, and she thanked me back (for not hopping into her taxi, perhaps? Haha). When she’s gone, I couldn’t stop but think about her expression which made me laugh a little. Oblivious to my surrounding, I walked past the busy office workers, whom I then realized, actually took their time to smile at me.
What made me feel amazed was, despite their seemingly tight schedule and rapid walking speed, they took the time and effort, even it was just for a brief second- to smile. In that moment I understood how much a smile could make up for someone’s day.
It can make one’s bad day better,
& it will make one’s good day the best.
On a side note, Boat Quay is indeed a good place for working people to unwind, and for tourists to capture the beautiful place to their hearts’ content. 
Who knows? Your smile might be the only light someone sees in their day.


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