#LBD: Action -> Inspiration -> Motivation

20 . 09 . 2017

Meet Max. He’s an adventurer, adaptive athlete, writer, speaker, and crossfit coach.

After getting hit by a truck at the tender age of 8, Max suffered from limb salvage, which caused him to lose one leg. Despite being confined to wearing one of the most basic braces the hospital can offer, Max was determined to start crossfit training and hiking.


Max doesn’t anticipate problems. Instead of gathering inspiration, being motivated, and THEN taking action, he does the complete opposite — constantly galvanizing his thoughts into actions by deliberately putting himself in challenging situations where problems arise — just like how Mark Manson put it in his bookThe Subtle Art of Not Giving A F**k.

As Max trained more religiously, he is better able to note his massive pain points and proceed to give himself a deadline to come up with a solution. When he sees an improvement in his athletic performance, a sense of invigoration showers over him, giving him the necessary confidence to push himself further.

As a result?

He engineered his own prosthetics.



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