Hey guys! Just a while ago I was scrolling through Facebook and stumbled upon this brave, beautiful lady. She did give me goosebumps.. in a good way.
At some point I feel that most of us who’ve been through this phase would do anything to make acne/pimples to last on our faces for only 2 mins or a max of 2 weeks. Well… *raises hands slowly* I’m guilty of being a victim!
In my early adolescence years, I was always wondering why almost everyone was getting a forehead-full of red spots and I wasn’t. My facial skin was lucky until I got onto this bandwagon of using extra virgin olive oil as my cleanser and moisturiser. I’ve researched and scooped tonnes of reviews from people who did that and most of them gave good if not better feedbacks. So when I was 16, I decided to give it a try!
Disclaimer: I used to have combination-oily skin. 
Everything was fine on the first 3 days. On the 5th day, I started breaking out and thought it was alright because.. many have stated that your skin will go through the “detox phase” and you just gotta be consistent. So I did. By week 3, my face was conquered by mini volcanos- some sleeping, some ready to be erupted.
I got more and more frustrated. Mid-year exams, people questioning my facial condition and burning the midnight oil took a huge toll on my skin health and subsequently increased my stress level,  eventually leading to more volcanoes exploding and forming new ones. My high school senior year was practically (partially) ruined, I refused to look in the mirror and I walked looking at my shoelaces. I even had some male friends (good ones) who taught me how to wash my face instead. Imagine my horror. Haha.
Long story short, it took my acnes about a year to fully subside. However, they still come back occasionally, especially during major exams. They would come back in smaller quantity, though they still lasted for up to 3 months and for the scars to lighten up, took another month or two.
Here are some before pictures for your reference:
Please note that I tried really hard to dig my hard drive and my Facebook pictures to show you a picture of my first major major major breakout. But I couldn’t seem to locate them 🙁 These are all taken during college year! 1 year after my first major breakout subsides. 
Say hi to Ket! :B This was taken in SPCA early February-March 2012. My post SPM (November-December 2011 major exam) acnes were still there.
This was in early 2013, weeks before our A2 Levels exam.
This was days post A2 Levels exam, having a road trip with friends and the weather was scorching. If you’re reading this right now and you’re battling with acnes, I’d suggest you to put that cuppa bubble tea down. YOUR ACNES DON’T NEED THEM. PERIOD.
 Alright now, I’ll try my best to keep this section in under 2 mins for you to read on how I got through this phase with only 5 methods.
5 very natural methods. 
1. Change your pillow sheet every week if you can.
As insignificant as it seems, many of us mistreat our pillows and tend to spread more bacteria than usual on where we rest our heads everyday. Unwashed hair products, laptops, occasional papers and books, worn shirts… you name it, your pillow’s touched it.
YEEEEEEE-SSSS. You don’t want the dust from external environments to block your pores and form a pimple now, do you?
2. Don’t just gargle salt water. Splash it. 
As I have mentioned previously, salt water works really effectively in drawing out moisture from your pimples, making them less painful, smaller and the yucky pus to come out quicker. Splash it on your face after cleansing day and night, or whenever your face produces too much sebum after excessive sweating, facing the computer or being outdoors.
Read more about uses of salt water here.
3. Make at least 30 minutes of sweet (or sour) time PER WEEK.
When you’re feeling sweet, use honey. Sour day? Yogurt’s the answer. Massage a small dollop on your face in circular motion and wash after 10 minutes. If you’re feeling lazy, leave the yogurt on for the whole night. Both of these ingredients are anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, promotes hydration to your skin and brighten them up.
Alternate flavours, or mix them together.
10 mins, 3x a week.
4. Apple cider vinegar smells funky. Your new best friend smells funky.

Anti-bacterial and calming. Use it as a toner or as a spot treatment overnight. You may feel slight sting while you apply, but that’ll all be good. Wake up with smaller acnes with reduced redness!

Note: Please do not use Somersby or Strongbow cider. They are.. well, not vinegar.

Dry skin: Only when you have acnes.
Normal-Oily skin: Alternate, or use it everyday.
5. Your smile is your facial skin’s best friend- not your hands, or your hair.
It’s okay to show off your acnes sometimes. Give them a little breather, they’ll heal quickly that way. Tie your hair up, put your fringe away. When you’re conversing, try not to cover your mouth with your hands, tap your chin, or rest your cheek on your palms. Also, please do not pop your pimple. This will only introduce more bacteria within your skin and encourages more breakout.
After months and years of battling, this is me now with my bare face, natural sunlight and non-existent eyeliner.
I’m also happy to say that, due to my lack of exam stress nowadays (teehee!), they haven’t been planning to give my facial skin a visit for quite a while now. About the scars, there’s nothing that a lil’ dab of concealer cannot cover (if not make it lighter) when you’re heading out.
Disclaimer: I now have normal-combination skin. 
If you have any concerns/questions at all, feel free to reach me at my Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, e-mail or just leave a comment below. I understand that acne problems can be really personal and I’d be more than grateful to help. 🙂
Before you go, please thank your Mummy by providing you with salt, honey, yogurt and apple cider vinegar for you to make your own home remedy for acnes. Save your pocket money peeps, it’s their big day soon!
Happy early Mother’s Day! 🙂
Squeeeeze out (NO, last warning, don’t squeeze your pimple),


  1. Alyssa Dela Cruz

    Hey! its @alysseux_ thank you so much for referring me to your blog, i will definitely try out your tips, especially the pillow case thing �� ill make sure to let you know if my skin clears! thank you beauty xx

  2. Calista Tee

    Hey thanks love! Will be looking forward to your progress! Have a great day ahead 🙂 x

  3. Tolulope samson Kayode

    Had to follow through this post from quora…I'll stop being lazy and put these options to good use. Thanks.

  4. Calista Tee

    Thank you! Let me know how it worked for you 🙂

  5. Bets Eyrue

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