My Favorite Picture of Me

16 . 04 . 2017

It is the strangest thing in the world. I was casually weeding out pictures from my recent trip down to Santa Cruz and I came across this candid shot taken by Kristen. In that split moment, I thought she captured how I was feeling the entire day perfectly.
… and a few days later, I stumbled upon this question on Quora: “What’s the best picture taken of you and why do you think it’s the best?

Pictured above is precisely what I want to be known for. The silly, silent-laughing girl who tells you the occasional stupid, dirty jokes. The one you trust to not push you when we’re walking on a hanging bridge. The one who competes who’s the messier ice cream eater with you. The one you can share moments of silence with while savoring each others’ presence. The one you wouldn’t mind watching sunset with on a random Tuesday evening. The one who enjoys beach walks with you in a pair of flyknits filled with sand. The one you can create exciting memories with to be scribbled in our journals with the utmost child-like impatience.

Despite my muffin top, double chin and uneven jaws, this makes my favorite picture because love trumps hate (I had to, hehe).

Spring break gave me an opportunity to slow down and reflect. To think of the person I’d want to be, to reevaluate my values, and to declutter my personal space and life (I named my newly revamped room Calista de Inn; Gilmore Girls got into my head!). I spent a day traveling out of the city, meeting people along the way who made my trip possible and utterly enjoyable (thank you Jessica and Felicia, otherwise I’d still be stuck in San Jose). A day filled with sun, sea, Penny’s and good companies. Thank you Kristen for bringing me around Santa Cruz and capturing this shot of me; I wouldn’t have traded 4/4/17 for another 🙂


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