As of September 15th, 2019,

I find myself in the middle of the limbo stage as I make an important relationship and life decision. I am…

  • struggling to connect with my inner voice
  • questioning myself and questioning my answers to my questions
  • finding ways I can heal myself and waltz into my recovery stage
  • learning to reevaluate my work ethic
  • focused on realigning my priorities, values, and goals in the next 2, 5, and 10 years
  • digesting the fact that there are no right or wrong answers
  • untangling my internal mess by checking off my mental boxes

On a brighter note, I…

  • fell in love with New York (9/6-9/11)
  • exchanged great conversations and moments with my significant other
  • received assurance and signs of making an impact on others’ lives
  • felt like Marilyn Monroe in Brooklyn

and I am…

  • thinking of getting a new tattoo. my first hand-drawn piece–I’m excited!
  • working on pushing our first holiday promotion for NouCuisine. if you love plant-based recipes, you’ll enjoy our service!
  • committed to keeping my weekly accountability streak going with publishing on a biweekly basis and working out

Special thanks to Derek for being real all the time. Always grateful.