17 . 09 . 2014

It’s been hectic since I arrived in Malaysia recently due to overwhelming fuss for having my US student visa approved – and it finally is! Pushing the unnecessary rants behind, I finally got to spend some quality time with my parents (and friends). When a family friend called to ask if we were interested to attend an oldies performance later that night @ Gardens Mall, he had all of us nodding our heads off in response.
Before the performance started, parents and I headed to Nana’s Green Tea for a bite. To be honest I’ve never had an affinity with green tea flavoured edible thingy majiggies before but this scoop right HERE changed my life. The taste is a cross between sweet and bitter, velvety texture with no taste of milk (unlike Hokkaido ice creams, not my type). Haven’t you heard? The ticket to heaven now is only RM6.80.
Performances wise, standing ovation goes to the lead singers and band members for their great showmanship throughout the entire show despite having to sing more than 40 tracks. It also caught me a lil’ by surprise upon the sight of young musicians in the live band and the vast age groups that attended, even toddlers (not that they have a choice, anyway). 😉


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