Desert Dreams Preset Pack (Mobile)

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Desert Dreams Lightroom Preset Pack offers a soft, creamy glow to your photos with an emphasis on neutral, earthy tones. There are a total of 5 presets ranging from warm to cool tones to bring out different colors as you wish. These touch-and-go presets have been designed to create a cohesive look for photos taken in various lighting and environment. The presets also blend seamlessly with one another to provide you with a consistent aesthetic on your Instagram, travel photos, wedding portraits, photography portfolio, and more.

Presets included:

  1. Antarctic (cool)
  2. Gobi (warm)
  3. Mojave (warm)
  4. Sahara (warm)
  5. White (cool)

Presets were named after some of the most beautiful deserts that exist on Earth.


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How to Install Lightroom Mobile Presets

First and foremost, thank you for supporting me with my presets! By purchasing my presets, you are supporting me as a content creator and blogger. These presets have allowed me to dream and transport me to a different world during these difficult times, and I hope they’ll serve you in preserving your memories in the color palette that you love.

Before getting started with the installation guide, be sure to download the free Adobe Lightroom app on your mobile. You can find it in your respective app stores by clicking the following:



  1. DOWNLOAD — Download your preset pack from the checkout page or from your email.
  2. TRANSFER — Find the ZIP file for the preset (‘DESERT DREAM PRESET PACK’) in your Downloads folder. DO NOT UNZIP FIRST. Transfer the ZIP file to your phone immediately via Airdrop, Google Drive, Email, Dropbox, or any other method you prefer.
  3. OPEN — Open your ZIP files on your phone (via Files (iPhone only), Google Drive, Email, Dropbox, etc). It should contain 5 DNG image files.
  4. SAVE — Skip this step if you’re using Files on iPhone. If you’re using Email, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc, save these DNG image files to your phone. They should appear as blank picture files in your Photo Gallery. Don’t worry, that’s how they’re supposed to look like!
  5. LIGHTROOM — Open your Lightroom app (download for free) and create a new album. In this case, we’ll name it “DESERT DREAMS PRESET PACK”.
  6. IMPORT — Go to the newly created album, tap on the image icon in the lower right corner. Tap on “From Files” or “From Camera Roll”. Import the 5 DNG image files.
    • Import your DNG files:
      • “From Files” if you transferred through Airdrop.
      • “From Camera Roll” if you downloaded them on Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.
  1. CREATE PRESET — Once all the DNG images are imported, open each image file and tap on the 3 dots icon at the top right corner. Tap on “Create Preset”. Name your presets according to the DNG image file name.
  2. CREATE NEW PRESET GROUP — While you name your presets, go ahead and add them to a new Preset Group by clicking on Preset Group > Create New Preset Group > Name it “DESERT DREAMS PRESET PACK”.
  3. APPLY — Now, the DESERT DREAMS PRESET PACK will show up on your Presets tab! Just go to Presets, click on User Presets, select DESERT DREAMS and you’re set!
  4. HAVE FUN — Now, choose your favorite preset to use and adjust accordingly. Since your lighting and environment vary, some adjustments with Exposure, Contrasts, etc in the Light tab are needed—but that should be it. Enjoy your new presets!

Please email me at or DM me on Instagram for any questions.







Each and every photo is different depending on your camera settings, colors used, and environment. Hence you may require to adjust the Exposure, Contrast, Highlights, etc on your photos once applied to achieve the desired effect.


These preset files are in DNG format. These will work with the Lightroom Mobile app regardless of the update.



Adobe Lightroom App (Mobile)



All sales are final. Since this is a digital product, no refunds or exchanges are available. Results may change according to the unique profile of each photo. Unauthorized distribution of this product is prohibited and subject to legal action.