Python: Building a Text Editor for My Morning Pages

29 . 01 . 2018

I’m so excited to share my newest project with you guys!

I first learned about Morning Pages when I stumbled upon Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic’s reviews on Amazon. One thing led to another – I was brought to this book called The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron. In order to consistently fight artists’ blocks, Cameron introduced a way for many creatives (and non-creatives!) to gain laser-sharp focus to stay on top of their workflow which will result in…

Increased and sharper focus > greater productivity > more free time to pursue your own passions.

I’ve practiced it religiously for, aha, two days. Each entry took me about 40 mins – 1 hour, and I struggled to complete even the first page. My small handwriting doesn’t help either. But as I finally signed my name at the bottom right of my entry, angels would sing for me. I feel elevated with a greater sense of clarity, relief, and most importantly, a smile plastered on my face the entire day.

I do love and appreciate the art of long-hand writing, but for a millennial like me who wants the best of both worlds, I decided to opt-out on the paid versions that are currently offered online and write a version of my own with Python instead. It also helped that the Tkinter interface was a breeze to use.

Here goes!

Don’t miss the blurb! 😉

What I have for Phase One:

  1. Bare-boned text editor
  2. New file, Open, Save, SaveAs and Quit functions
  3. Resizable screen (now comes in two convenient writing sizes – 400×400 and 800×800)

As you can see from the screenshot, some of my texts have been cut off at the end as they enter new lines. That would definitely be fixed on Phase Two!

And if you want to write the codes yourself, here’s the backbone:

Enjoy the first phase of my Digital Morning Pages!

Now, who says you can’t be the chameleon that you are? On-the-go?



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