Python: Export Data to CSV File

4 . 01 . 2018


Worked on this for about 4-5 hours (beginner’s syndrome *shrug*) and finally exported my first csv file successfully with Tweets, Polarity and Subjectivity. Also added a little perky URL column at the back so my tweet column doesn’t look too messy and overwhelming!

Here are some screenshots on my fun journey:

We all start somewhere… Took me a while to realize I’m not the only blur one to have named it

Now that we’ve got our table format right, let’s start exporting our data!

What did I get myself into? Reminds me of my periodic table. Doesn’t it look cute with the Japanese characters?

Got my first line right!

Data from Project #MeToo with Twitter and Sentiment Analysis

I’m so close!

Here are my codes for exporting Twitter Search data to CSV files, & here’s a basic template to write them:

Next screenshot: Tweets (without any links), Polarity, Subjectivity and URL.



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