Review: Lush Cosmetic Warrior

9 . 01 . 2016

First thing first, these pictures are the result of forgetting to take good shots before I used the product up, so bear with me. 
I made it clear to myself when I arrived in SG last December, the only thing I wanted for Christmas (or better, before) was clear skin.
I was, yet again, suffering from bad breakouts since September due to my fool-proof combination of dehydration + late nights + spicy food, hence I was in the market again for a good mask! This time I didn’t go back to my previous HG Mask of Magnaminty as my acnes were quite painful to start with with most of them not ‘matured’ yet.
Skin Type: 
Combination. Oily T-zone and very dry, flaky cheeks. It felt so much like sandpaper I’m not even kidding.
How I used it: 
1st week: I used it for 5 consecutive days for 20 mins to an hour, until most of my acnes dried up and fell by themselves. To help my skin absorb better and also clear my scars at the same time, I used a peeling gel to gently remove my dead skin cells prior to applying mask about 3x a week.
2nd week: This was when my skin cleared significantly, so I used on alternate days twice. 
3rd week: By this time (Christmas week!), I only had about 2 unsurfaced ones on my forehead, and one on my cheek. Instead of applying on my whole face, I dabbed the mask on problem spots only after moisturizing, leaving it overnight.
This is the amount I have left after 10 full mask in 3 weeks 🙂
And I was able to doll up happily for Christmas!
It’s a lil pricey to get it at S$28.90 in Singapore. But scratch that, no matter you’re in UK, US, Australia, Japan, Taiwan or anywhere with Lush really, I highly, highly recommend it. For a single digit price especially in Lush US or Lush UK, it’s sooooo worth it. You will not notice any difference after washing off the mask, but when you wake up the next day.. this is what you should expect to see.
This mask is nothing but a wonderful pot full of surprises. Nothing shrinks my pimples better than this bad boy does. My face didn’t appear an oil slick like on usual mornings, in fact there was a healthy glow to it. I was really surprised when the usual bumps on my nose (too many blackheads) were gone. Honestly, I haven’t came across a product which would clear my blackheads since I was 13, and normally when I splash my face with only water, it turns my face blotchy and red. NOT THIS TIME.
I was simply searching for a product that would shrink my pimples, but I think I’ve also found the one to:
– calm my sensitive skin
– reduce the redness on my skin (I suffer from rosacea)
– reduce my blackheads (no bumps anymore! I’ve been having bumpy nose for as long as I could remember)
– improve my skin texture (it’s more supple now, and absorbs my moisturizer better)
If my stupid snaps don’t motivate you, I don’t know what will.
Hope it helps! 🙂 
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