Review: Supply & Demand

14 . 06 . 2014

No, we’re not discussing Econs today. 
My favourite girl from SF finally came back home, of course I had to bring her to my new favourite hangout spot- Orchard Gateway! 🙂
We were looking for a good spot to dine in and catch up, when Supply & Demand caught MJ’s eyes in a flash. I gotta say, this girl has got a pair of good eyes! Hehe.

There’s just something about chalkboard drawings. They make the environment look and feel so much more cozier! 🙂

MJ, and another chalkboard featuring wine.

If only there was a library with this setting! I’d camp there everyday. Heck, I’d also pay the rent for it. 

I had no idea they came in such tiny cup!
All set meals came with Bread, Antipasti and Cheese of the Day. These were delicious. Salamis were my favourite. Olives and cheese tasted great too!

I couldn’t stop taking pictures of the appetisers. They looked so photogenic! Then it was put to a halt when our mains finally came.
Did I mention how much I LOVE pasta?

Carbonara Cremoso (Set), S$16.90
Smoked bacon pieces with bacon infused sauce- spot on. Yum. To be honest, the dish itself took me by surprise. I have had many bad experiences with Carbonaras for being too heavy and I’ll end up gulping the whole plate down and feeling sluggish later. BUT HERE, pastas were cooked al dente, cheese weren’t too heavy and starchy, just the way I like it. 

Spicy Arrabbiatta with Chicken (Set), $16.90
 Slightly spicy tomato sauce with diced fragrant chicken. I had a bite of these and fell in love with it. Orders for my next trip down here has been decided! 😛


I am already planning my trip down next week (hehe). Good food, better ambience. I have yet to try their range of gelatos. There’s even a bak kwa flavoured gelato *jaw drops*
Price wise, my taste bud told me it was damn worth it for what you’re paying. The only complain I’d have is that they do not serve hot/ice chocolate 🙁

Supply & Demand

277 Orchard Road
Orchardgateway #02-13/14

Cheat day starts now,



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