Salt Water

1 . 06 . 2013

For my first post, I’d like to start off with the most basic ingredient that we all have in our home – Salt.

Be it normal table salt, iodized salt, himalaya rock salt or sea salt, they all make good easy home cures for common problems such as ulcers, acne, and sore throat.

I’m sure many of you have heard of sprinkling salt on ulcers. Though it could be a rather torturous process (which includes lots of jumping in between application :P), salt really does wonders to your ulcer and accelerate the healing process. For direct application, just sprinkle some salt on your ulcer and wait patiently for it to dissolve and your lips/tongue will eventually feel numb. Sprinkle it once more if you’re feeling brave. I always apply twice in a row and though the size doesn’t shrink right away, the pain sure does go away! By the second day, I can finally drink and eat with ease 🙂

Next, acne. Ever wondered why your pimples normally clear up after a trip to the beach? Well, it’s due to the salt content in the sea water that helped clear them! How does it work? Rinsing your face with salt water during a breakout clears the oil on the surface of your skin which prevents clogged pores. They’re easy on the moisture level of your skin but at the same time, drying up your pimples. For those who’re gonna stay home, rinse with salt water after cleansing your face and rinse again every 3-4 hours depending on the level of your sebum secretion; for those who have school or work, rinse with salt water after cleansing in the morning and night 🙂

For sore throat, gargling with salt water 3-4 times a day before/after meal helps kill bacteria along your alimentary tract, prevents phlegm formation and reduces the itchiness of your throat. You may increase the amount of salt used depending on your condition. Gargle salt water with your head slightly tilt back and make sure you feel the salt water on the surface of your throat.

The good thing is, you only need 2 ingredients to make this wonderful cure!

Preparing salt water

A pinch of salt
150 ml water

For immediate usage, it is advisable to dilute the salt in small amount of hot water and fill the rest with warm or cold water, so your face or throat wouldn’t burn.

Try it, and let me know your results! 🙂



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