Seeking solace

31 . 07 . 2014

I sit here as the bitter aroma from the coffee machine circulates the open air cafe; bartender frothing milk and serving caffeine one cup after another. With Jack Johnson’s soulful voice tuning into the background, it all only makes sense I pen down my thoughts at this very moment. It’s so therapeutic just to be in a situation like this, a luxury I never thought I’d had 10 years back when I was still rolling in mud as my after-school activity.
Every single time when I go grocery shopping, my eyes will never fail to scan through items on the conveyor belt at the cashier counter. Not sure if I’m the only grocery store creep here but I do seek solace by observing lifestyles of people I may never cross path again. A basketful of protein and fruits is normally (but not necessarily) brought in by a female in yoga pants or a hunk-to-be in a fitted muscle tank. On the flipside, we have an overflowing serving of vegetables, rice and junk food for the big family, coke and chips for the younger bunch and worst of all, unlimited supply of instant noodles, canned soup and fruits; or on special occasions maybe – a large pack of frozen nuggets and cut fries for the (underpaid) foreigners or low income family.

I don’t deem myself to be the healthiest eater on the planet-I’m no where close to Kristina Bucaram or Kris Carr who have braved breast cancer through healthy jucing. I’m not here to underestimate your spending allowance on whole foods to improve your health. However…
There’s one moment when I felt complete relief as a group of them (underpaid foreigners) passed through the counter with fresh wholesome food- not a sight of aluminium cans and yellow square packets. I may not know how much they get paid for, but for the effort they made, I would really love to treat them a few glasses full of health, optimism and joy.



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