To capture or to not?

18 . 06 . 2014

Sometimes I feel grateful to be able to roam the streets alone; to go anywhere I wanted to, to explore and observe. If I wasn’t alone, I wouldn’t have laid my eyes on such beautiful scene that have reminded me so much of my wonderful parents. 
I was scrolling through my Instagram feed in the mrt- just like how any single travellers would do, until a familiar melody rang through my ears. A middle-aged man was humming Teresa Teng’s well known song “月亮代表我的心” (Direct translate: the moon represents my heart) to the little boy he held so dearly in his hands. Even though his child (presumably) doesn’t understand a word he’s humming, his eyes formed crescent shape emitting soft moonlight glow, chuckled occasionally as his small palms caressed his father’s nose. 
It’s times like these that make me want to grab my camera but in a way it’s an invasion of their privacy and they might probably think I’m a creep. Maybe these moments are the best to be kept in the back of our own minds, to be stored in somewhere only we know; where nobody could use it against us or take it away from us.
Seize the moment,



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