Werribee Zoo, Melbourne

11 . 03 . 2014

Hello all!
One of the most eventful day I had back in Melbourne was to pay a visit to the open range African-themed zoo in Werribee. Not too far down, around a 40 minute drive from the city.

It was a blazing 30 degree that day with cool winds. Here, we were greeted by beautiful blue sky and earthy tone. 🙂

This is taken behind the window. Look at that Meercat! 😀
Cute signs spotted on our way to catch the Lion’s talk. Excited!
Except to arrive and have all 4 lions sleeping. One of the lioness woke up after few minutes.

Wild dogs! 


There were 3 of them. According to the poster, this should be the father. He was really smart! He saw us knocking on the window, so he slowly walked towards the log, grabbed a stick (in his right hand, you see up there? :D) and posed for about a minute without moving. Hahaha. When he’s done, he turned around and…

Left without a word.

The son didn’t seem interested in humans.

This looked spooky because they were skeletons everywhere!

But to my surprise, it looked like this. 

Mini diggers! ☺☺

Hippo’s balloon butts and a random duck passing by.

Thirsty hippo!
Here comes the fun part! We went on to the Giraffe-painted bus ride and managed to get a closer look at the roaming animals 🙂
Very, very desert like.

First stop, camels.

Their source of water is pretty photogenic.

I forgot what this is called! They were 2 species of it in the desert. These are the ones with the straighter horns.
And then we have the ones with curvy horns!


Spot the walking deer behind! Animals are so good at camouflaging. Tsk tsk. 

Less round than a hippo’s butt, this is… a rhino’s! 

We met our Roadblock on the way. He was just RIGHT below us and everyone got so excited and started to take pictures from above his head.

Jiiibras. They’re literally everywhere! And they like to show their butts too. 

One of my favourites, giraffes! ☺

They all have the same facial expression when eating and staring. This one’s named Harold. 
And then we have Mr Geeraf Mini McFluffy ☺ Look at his face. I was gonna draw him like a French Giraffe.

Beautiful lake!

And then it was time to go. 🙂

There were supposed to be many more animals such as Cheetah, Kangaroos and other bird species, but the cheetah was sleeping, and the kangaroos were nowhere to be found since they get to roam around freely. They were loads of birds to see but they’re all flying so it’s better if you’ve brought a binocular!

All in all, it was fun but afternoon may be a bad timing to go because most of them are either sleeping or hiding somewhere.

More pictures will be uploaded on my Facebook profile soon! 😀

Zooing off,



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