What I Learned in 2018

4 . 01 . 2019

it’s been one of the homiest and most challenging years of my life. i learned everything is always evolving. knowledge. relationship. people. technology. though some remain. i learned to love. that compromise comes after effort. arguments. they make you stronger. the best ones make you laugh so hard through your tears. i learned vulnerability is the essence of a friendship. the key to understanding and developing all relationships. some shut you down. others hold your hands and bring you along in their very own adventures. i learned family will always be there for you. no matter the distance. geographically or physically. i learned to feed my curiosity. to ask questions that add to me as a person and my knowledge. to doubt myself and try new things anyway. to appreciate the push. the occasional nudge. the opportunities that may not knock twice. i learned that everyone starts from the bottom. jeff bezos. arianna huffington. you. and i. that people grow to accept themselves. good. and bad. i learned to share my gift. writing. food. photography. laughter. when i do it feels like strangers are reading my diary. nervous yet exciting. i feel relieved knowing i get to share a part of me. transform them into blossoming friendships. learning social detox is paramount for my mental health. to make sure i’m happy in real life not just for the internet. to stay present. to take care of the most important person i need to be able to count on.


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