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I’ve been binge watching some of the best “Golden Buzzer” moments on America’s and Britain’s Got Talent, where participants arrived on the big stage with untold stories they wished to unfold. Some were more emotional than the others, but inspiring nonetheless.

With participants ranging from four to ninety-six years of age, one distinct message I’ve learned from the show is: it’s never too late to do something you’ve always wanted to.

As we approach the end of the year, it’s easy to fall into the temptation of wrapping up our unfinished businesses and rebranding them as our New Year resolutions. Instead of being demotivated about what we have not achieved, know that January isn’t always the month when we’re allowed to push ourselves.

Here are some impactful moments to keep you going:

  1. Mandy Harvey: The deaf singer who persisted despite hearing loss

Mandy is the epitome of courage and grit. She licked her wounds and rose from obstacles that deterred her from getting where she wanted to. At 29, she realized she had two options: to do something about it, or to do nothing at all. And I couldn’t be happier about her decision to give more meaning to her beautiful voice.

  1. Kevin Skinner: The 35-year-old who wanted more than just catching chickens

In most cases, we are our own biggest enemies. We shy away from opportunities, give ourselves unreasonable excuses to not take actions, and then blaming others for our situations. It was so inspiring to see Kevin–a genuine, humble, and humorous farmer owning the stage with his soulful voice. At 35, he finally gave himself a chance to live his dreams.

His soulful voice projected more than just his emotion and story. If you listen closely, Kevin is showing us how we should approach our dreams with all our hearts.

  1. Christian Guardino: The humble 16-year-old who made a wish

Christian doesn’t even know how good he sounded. He also innocently showed us how to get what we want by being intentional. Even though his interaction with Howie could’ve been easily regarded as a friendly banter, I believe we could all learn something from his quiet confidence. To top that off, his giggle made my heart melt like a hot plate of grilled cheese sandwich.

Some of you might have had a particularly rough start to the year, or might have jump-started 2018 on a roll. Remember, a peak wouldn’t be one without its surrounding valleys. And before we trick ourselves into thinking that our goals are invincible only in January, let’s continue working towards the goals we have set this year.

Now is always a good time. Let’s gear up and sprint purposefully towards the end of a fruitful 2018.



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